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Friday, April 29, 2011

Customer Service:

Shawna at 1choice4quilting is just awesome!  I found her blog via another blog ad for a giveaway.  I really like being sent to various blogs because I always see something neat, cool or inspiring when I hop from site to site.  For me, blogging is more about looking at the sites and posts of others more than about writing on my own blog.  Backwards, to be sure, but I really am liking it.

Back on track:)  I found 1 choice 4 quilting and placed an order for some items that were on sale.  OMGoodness!!!!!  Shawna sent me an email and got the order out immediately.  It arrived within just a few days- priority mail.  AND: each item was in its own sealed baggie with a label on it telling me how much yardage and what fabric was in the bag.  How cool is that???  AND: she sent me a handful of extra goodies---just because she could:)  

Seriously, if there is anything you need, check out her site; you won't regret it!!!

...I need to get better with the photos, huh?  Who wants to read posts without photos???!!!
Nathan likes watching Chloe:)  Senior Prom 2011.

Clearly, Jesse and I weren't prepared for photos:)  But, it is really nice to have one of us together!  We don't have any family pics since Jesse was 2-3 and she is now 16.
My other Baby Boy turned 22 yesterday.  I swear to you, they were babies yesterday!!!  Honest:)

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