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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Missing sewing...

Due to life circumstances, I have not been in my sewing room or crafting room for about a year now.  I did get a handful of cards made a couple of weeks ago, but other than that, nothing.  Creating was once therapy for me but it does not seem to hold the appeal it once did. 

Sew, Mama, Sew recently hosted a blog hop with tons of prizes to be given away from various artists and I won a reusable bag and a bag kit from the Green Bag Lady.  So, without doubt, I will be sewing up that kit once it arrives.  I need to pay it forward and make sure others have reusable bags available to them:) 

Chronic illness has really taken its toll on me and I am just plain tired of it and would very much like to have my life back again.  I want to feel good and have energy as I see that others do.  I want to be in a good mood on a daily basis.  I want to be able to do more activities with my kids, although my kids are older and those activities will consist of playing pool and going to the mall- just for the record, I am allergic to malls:)  Eeewwww!!!  Additionally, I really am awful at pool but have fun with it when we go as a family and just knock around the balls for a while.  I just want to be better...

I feel like whining today and really do not care for the feeling in the least.  I don't like being crabby.  So, I am gonna' go hibernate in my room with a movie or three and try to reset. 

In typing this, I have been reminded that it could be worse.  I have a new friend that is pregnant.  While she and her peanut are both doing well, she has been told to limit her activities and will have frequent check-ins with her doctor for the remainder of her pregnancy.  I can only imagine how difficult that will be for her as she already has little ones and a husband to care for.  Please say an extra prayer for my friend that is having a rough time right now.

Thanks for "listening" to my whining.  Next time, I will be in a better frame of mind- with no whining allowed:)

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