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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Emboss It

OK, as it will soon become obvious, I've no idea how to begin blogging.  However, I would like to begin chronicling some of my creative and chaotic bursts in a centralized locale.  Peachy Keen stamps is responsible for my attempting this endeavor.  They are sponsoring a challenge that I want to submit an entry for and I thought it would be nice to try my hand at setting up a blog to showcase my card for their challenge.  Sooooo, here we are:)  Bear with me, though; I am pretty computer illiterate.
I used both heat and dry embossing here.  The tree is actually green with stardust embossing powder but I haven't been able to get a picture to capture it adequately.

This is probably my favorite card that I made for Christmas.  The silver embossing on the silver cardstock is quite striking and the simplicity of the design really appeals to me:)

I clear embossed holly leaves onto the DP for added depth.  I used stickles on the ornament but it doesn't seem to show here.  I will keep working on it, though:)

Edited:  Please laugh with me!!!  I forewarned you that I was computer illiterate but it also seems as if I have some major camera issues.  These cards really are pretty; I just don't know how to show it to you yet.  When I figure it out, I will correct it:)  Until then, please bear with me- a lot!!!  Melissa


quilthexle said...

Welcome to Blogger Wonderland ! Take your time - you'll love it soon enough!

A Plain Path said...

The cards are beautiful!!! I'm not great with photos either. I envy blogs with excellent photography and would love to improve my skills in that area. I'm still not the best at blogging, so much to learn, but love it. It is a great way to chronicle your crafts, meet others and find inspiration. So, let me encourage you...I'm your 2nd follower and you're on your way! :D

Janice W. said...

Your cards are lovely. It is difficult to capture the real beauty of a card. They are always prettier in person. Thanks for joining the Peachy Keen challenge.